The 7 Professors You’ll Have at Towson

“Professors are the soil to a young mind’s cultivation, but sometimes they’re just weird” –Gandhi. One of the best parts about Towson is our intimate 17:1 student to professor ratio. However, on the flipside, this means that you’ll most likely get to know your professors maybe a little bit more than you’d like. At Towson, a lot like the USA Network, characters are welcome. Here are the seven professors you’ll have at Towson…

 coopro1. The Cool Professor

“No tests, no homework, I’m really just all about the learning experience…” We hope you’ve had this laidback professor but there aren’t many left. Maybe because they’ve all been asked to hang up their teaching shoes early, but that’s beside the point. Their discussion-based classes are almost fun to go to, but you rarely go because of their non-existent attendance policy. You don’t mind the easy A, but this class is a pre-requisite for something that actually matters, so next semester you’ll be screwed.

2. The Projudge

This teacher really puts the pro in professor. Teaching is just a side-job for this hotshot and when she’s not teaching your 7pm Business Law class she’s in the big leagues swingin’ the gavel around at the Towson Circuit Court. Sure you can pick up a lot of first-hand knowledge, and the stories aren’t bad either, but just know… they’ve got bigger fish to fry.

foriegnpro3. The “What Did You Say?” 

Nothing against our great foreign professors, but let’s face it: sometimes it’s hard to understand them. Having a conversation is one thing, but that impossibly hard Calc II equation is a whole different story. We’re no psychics but we see many office hour visits in your near future with this                                   professor.

4. The Old Timer betty

When this professor references Blackboard they actually mean the blackboard. Like the one you write on with chalk. Crazy huh? They’ve been around the block a couple times and their syllabus hasn’t been updated since 1998 (which might explain their Towson State letterhead). They might be a little old-fashioned and batty at points, but chances are this professor knows what they’re talking about.

gary-busey-210x3005. The Caffeine King

“Wooooo! Let’s get geographical!” It’s tough to tell why this professor is wired class after class. It may be their burning passion for maps and plate tectonics or it just could be those three Starbucks “double-shots” you caught him chugging on his way into class. This professor sure makes class interesting, but standing on tables attempting to excitingly explain the Earth’s rotation is just a little much for 8am.

6. The Boring Professorbenstein 

Bueller… Bueller… Bueller. We’re falling asleep even writing about this professor. Their monotone voice could put New York City to sleep. Get it? There’s really not much to,.lvplgobkkto vif52434f43. Whoa, sorry I just passed out and slammed my head on the keyboard thinking about this professor. Next.

feeny7. The Perfect Professor

This is the elusive 5-star professor on Unless you have priority registration you may never get a chance with this wizard of higher education. They provide a comfortable classroom setting but also push you to your full potential. Not to mention they’ve offered to write you an awesome recommendation letter. Their knowledge stays with you for the rest of your life but too bad their class always fills up quicker than a cheetah on roller skates.

-Ron and Mike

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