7 Reasons to Attend Orioles Student Night

Take me out to the ballgame, take me out to the crowd, go to the Orioles game May 8th and make Towson proud. That’s how it goes right? Wednesday May 8th Towson students can buy Orioles tickets for just $8! Here are 7 reasons why you should go to the game…

georgecheap1. It’s Cheap

Compared to other things kids do for fun these days, these tickets are dirt-cheap! Considering the fact that going to see a movie costs $11 and going out to a restaurant will run you $15, this is a steal. WARNING: Buying any food at the stadium voids this promo.

2. Camden Yardscamden yards

What if we told you that you are currently just 10 miles away from what Trip Advisor called the 3rd most prestige baseball stadium in America? Would you take the trip? You bet your Tiger butt you would.

mlb_orioles_fan3. One Last Hurrah

In just a mere two weeks, like the great Alice Cooper once said, school’s out for summer… school’s out forever. Live it up! Why not get the most out of these last two weeks and blow some steam off before finals.

4. Conveniencemta

Not only are the tickets cheap but getting to Camden Yards is no hassle either. You can either drive or take our full proof plan, which goes as follows:

1. Hop onto the MTA bus and mosey on down to Lutherville

2. From there, grab a $4 all-day Light Rail pass

3. Ride the lightning all the way down to the stadium

4. You will be literally right in front of it, can’t miss it!

maloney5. Royals Rivalry

You can’t deny history. Ever since the “Charm City Chokeout” in 1908, these two teams have hated each other’s guts. Old timers will tell ya like it was yesterday: In a 19 inning showdown Orioles pitcher Ollie “Dirty Bird” Maloney tossed 18 scoreless innings… and that’s just with his right arm. After a bench clearing brawl in the bottom of the 18th notorious Royals badboy Willy “The Steamboat” Jackson snapped the right arm of Maloney forcing him to pitch the 19th inning with his left arm. Maloney heroically completed the shutout as the Orioles got a 1-0 win in what is considered to be one of the greatest games in baseball history.

6. Orioles Magicchrisdavislift

Everyone remembers last year’s magical run where the Orioles won 93 games and snuck into the playoffs on the last day of the regular season. It looks like it wasn’t a fluke because the Orioles are 15-10 this year and clicking on all cylinders. Having already won six games by two runs or less it seems that Orioles magic is here to stay.

camden-yards-empty-seats_large7. You can always sneak down

C’mon it’s a Wednesday night. Would it really be the worst thing if you moved down a couple of sections by the sixth inning or so? We don’t think so, but we also don’t make the rules. Be respectful to the ushers if you get caught and are told to move back, but like Tiger Woods once said: “It’s only wrong if you get caught.”

-Mike and Ron

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