6 Ways to Improve the Towson SGA Election Process

Have you heard the news? The votes are in and just last night it was announced that the T-Moji Party has swept this year’s SGA Elections (CONGRATS!!!). Now that it’s all over it seems that SGA election season just came and went… and that’s the problem! We think election season should be more of a spectacle. Here are 6 ideas we have that will improve future SGA elections.

1. Electoral College… Literallyelection1

T-Moji received 22 electoral votes from West Village and TU Evolution got 6 from Res Tower… but none of it mattered because Towson is stuck in the past with their outdated ‘popular voting’ system. Think of the fun we could have with colored maps with campus boundaries. And live look-ins with bureaucratic updates? And swing halls? Oh man, WE GOTTA HAVE SWING HALLS!

election22. Yellow Smoke out of Maintenance Tower

Let’s live it up like we’re in Vatican City! How many of you guys found out about the election results yesterday through Twitter? BORING. What if we changed it up a bit and got all Catholic up in hurr. Yep, we’re talking about a thick yellow smoke ascending from the smoke chimney next to Cook once the executives have been elected.

3. Rally Speecheselection3

Rally, rally, the pitcher’s name is Sally! Wouldn’t it be awesome if each party inspired voters with massive and elaborate speeches around campus, just like the big guns in Washington? Get the presidential candidate a microphone and the rest should come easy. Imagine Freedom Square decked out with screaming students looking exactly like… well, freedom.

election44. Have Ralph Nader Run

If there’s anyone who lives simply for the thrill of election season it’s this guy. He knows he won’t win, but if he ever got word of Towson’s SGA Elections we have no doubt he would put his name in the running. Having run for US President every year since 1996, Nader would add a little bit of zest to the elections and might even get us some unexpected press.

5. Kiss More Babieselection5

Studies show that there is a positive correlation between the kissing of babies and election victory. Funny though, because in the last few weeks we have not seen one single SGA candidate pucker up to a cute, innocent, infant. In all honesty, it’s a wonder how anyone won this election with such a disgusting lack of baby kissin’. It’s just a suggestion, but c’mon guys, where’s the love?

election66. Olympic-esque Medal Ceremony

Picture this: the whole campus is jam-packed into an electric Towson Center with a majestic 5-level podium sitting center stage. The house lights fade and the spotlight beams on- you guessed it- Ralph Nader. One by one he reads the winners off a small index card from Treasurer all the way up to President. Slowly, each winner takes their respective spot on the podium with Doc gently placing gold medals around each of their necks. Also the fight song is playing in the background. That is all.

-Mike and Ron

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