8 Ways to Spend Your Tigerfest Refund

We all know Tigerfest was unfortunately cancelled. But lets look at the glass half full: we’re getting our money back and we’re one shot closer to livin’ life like rappers do. A recent study found that $20 to a college student equates to approximately $500,000 for a middle-aged adult. Here are 8 things we think you should do with your refunded money, honey…

1. Unitas Field Retractable Dome Fundroof

Support the cause! If everyone takes their refunded $20 and donates it to the university’s new ‘Doc’s Dome Foundation’ we may never have to worry about a rained out Tigerfest ever again. Think about it: last year 6,400 people went to Tigerfest and if everyone donated their money back we would have around $128,000 for the new dome! That would put us about .01% closer to the cost of an average retractable roof…

2. Towson Gnome from the University Storegnome

Okay, okay, so this little guy is actually $30… but he’s totally worth it. And now that you basically have a free twenty bucks it’s like you’re getting a ‘friendly tiger discount’ (which was actually discontinued in 2010).

oriolesmagic3. Orioles Game

Something magic happens, everytime you go
You make the magic happen, the magic of Orioles’ Baseball!

When the game is close, and the O’s are hot
There’s a thundering roar from 34 to give it all they’ve got

oriolesAnd you never know who’s gonna hear the call
Every game there’s a different star
That’s the magic of Orioles’ Baseball!

Orioles Magic! Feel it happen!
Orioles Magic! Feel it happen!

O – R – I – O – L – E – S !

Magic! Magic! Magic! Magic!

4. Wiz Khalifa’s First Two Albumsrollingps

“Last night I let the weather get the best of me” –Wiz, interview Saturday 4/20/13

So you couldn’t see him live but this time you’ll have to settle for second best. Hop over to the iTunes store where you can find ‘Rolling Papers’ and ‘ONIFC’ for very close to a combined $20. So if you’re someone who buys their music ;)… this seems like great opportunity to expand your catalogue.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA5. Bahama Breeze Onecard Discount

Waddup #teambreezy? No, not Chris Brown’s fan club, but those who have a burning passion for the live-easy Carribean atmosphere over at Bahama Breeze. If you weren’t aware, showing your Onecard at Bahama Breeze will get you 25% off. So treat yourself to a rack of ribs or even the world famous lobster and shrip linguine. Ps: ask for Tyson.

6. A Case of Water from Outtakeswaters

Out of meals? That’s one thing. But meals AND points? Uh oh. We don’t know what they put in the water bottles at Outtakes, but it must be something special because just a case costs close to $20. We like to think they fill the water with THIS. Poor Stan…

writer7. Pay Someone to Write Your Final Paper

We’re all swamped aren’t we? Finals are creeping up on us and some of us just can’t bear the thought of typing up that 8 page term paper on ‘The Influence of Chips Ahoy on Adolescent Children’ for HLTH 101. Fortunately for you, we know of a few handsome young men who wouldn’t mind writing a couple papers for a small price. Seriously… comment on the blog with your email address. We have references.

8. Flip Flops flopz

Yeah, Tigerfest getting canceled was a huge bummer but cheer up guys because summer is just a few weeks away! Turn your frown upside down and treat yourself pair of flip flows. You deserve it, kid.

-Mike and Ron


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