9 Best Ways to Spend This Friday at Towson

If you’re anything like us, there’s no way you can sit around and spend yet another painfully BORING Friday here at Towson! Now it wasn’t easy, but after hours of research we created a comprehensive guide overflowing with activities for this upcoming Friday, April 19th. Here they are… Thank you Basedgod!

1. Parking Wars Marathon on A&Efriday1

After a long week of classes the best thing to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy some real, candid TV; and if you don’t know by now… it doesn’t get any realer than this! Friday from 11am-5:30pm, everyone’s fave A&E program, Parking Wars will be running back to back to back to…. yeah. So grab your pillow pet, get your popcorn ready, and tune into channel 35. Again: that is channel 35 at Towson. Enjoy!

2. Target Buy One Get One Free Crew Neck Concert Tee’sfriday2

“Yo chief, where’d you get radical Lynyrd Skynyrd tee?” Has this situation ever happened to you? No?? Well you’ve been spending your Fridays in the WRONG spot. The place to be every Friday from noon to 6pm is Target’s men’s clothing section. They’ve got everything from AC/DC to Journey to the Allman Brothers . So quit your ramblin’, man, and head on over to Target. Limited 2 concert tees per customer.

friday33. TU Wagner and Verdi Anniversary Concert

As much as we love Towson, it seems like we NEVER have concerts. Well quit your whinin’, Simon because your wish has come true, Drew. (Sorry that was weird.) But anyway, April 19th marks the 200th anniversary of famous composers Richard Wagner and Giuseppe Verdi and a celebration is forthcoming. From 6pm-8pm at Center for the Arts, a concert will be commenced in their name filled with classics from “Composizione da camera” which we think translates to “ain’t no party like a Towson party cus a Towson party don’t stop.”

4. Kickin in the Front Seat

Just click on the link… You’re welcome.

5. Spring Cleaningfriday5

If you STILL don’t feel enticed by any of the options we’ve given you, there’s always good ol’ spring cleaning. Get your butt off twitter, grab a vacuum and go to town! Not only can spring cleaning make your room look good, but it can make you FEEL better. And that’s tops.

friday66. Your High School’s Production of Grease

When all fun fails you at Towson, there’s always that option of spending a weekend at home. And, ooh Sandy BABY, it turns out your old high school is putting on a production of Grease. Old school musicals mixed with creepy kids from your hometown? Those two things go together like ramalamalamalama dignity ding shoobop. Ah, those spring nights.

7. D’Angelo Vickers Juggling Show at M&T Bank Stadiumfriday7

Prepare… to go into the ‘Danger Zone’. Do you believe in him? For years, world-renowned juggler Deangelo Vickers has been touring the world doing his motivational juggling routine. This Friday, Vickers brings his show, which Time Magazine has called “The 8th, 9th, and 10th wonders of the world”, to M&T Bank Stadium. It’s a can’t miss.

friday88. Career Center Satellite Hours in Douglass House Library

Got a resume that needs revising? Need to write a cover letter? Regardless of what your job needs are, the Career Center is coming to Douglass House from 2-4pm to help you avoid interviews                                                                        LIKE THIS.

9. Tigerfestfriday9

To be honest, we don’t know very much about this event, but supposedly there’s going to be Nintendo games, a Neil Diamond cover band, and some wizard named Khalifa. Sources say it will take place on the football field but we’re not even sure if they’ve sold any tickets for it yet. However, if you have any time after these other awesome Friday activities, check this one out.

JUST KIDDING!!! Go to Tigerfest… DUH. It starts at 3:30 and should be a truly wild and craaazy time. Also don’t forget, today is the LAST DAY to get your tickets before the price goes up by $5!  See ya there; we can’t wait! 

PS: Tigerfest will be RAIN or SHINE so check Towson CAB’s Facebook and Twitter for weather updates throughout the day!

-Mike Jones and The Ronimal

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