7 Big Tigerfest No-No’s

As you’ve seen around campus, this year we’re all about promoting positivity at Tigerfest. With the event only three days away, we think it’s the appropriate time to lay out some ground rules for Friday’s concert. So sit back and get schooled, here are 7 big no-no’s for this year’s Tigerfest…

mosh1. Being the pushy kids

To anyone who has been to Tigerfest before you know that getting a good view of the stage is a contact sport. Don’t be those irritating kids pushing and shoving their way to the front. Even though the concert is on Unitas field, this not a tryout for the Towson fullback position. Besides, we already have a fullback. His name is Emmanual. He once wrestled a polar bear to the ground. Google it. You don’t want to try and take his spot.

2. Waiting until Friday to get your ticketsPeople in Ticket Line

Choo Choo! You’ve boarded the Tigerfest train at the procrastination station. All that laziness, its gonna cost you… literally. Not only are ticket prices raised to $25, but the line for tickets will be longer than an Anaconda’s limo. Who knows they might even sell out!

passed-out-guy-eecue_22886_eezr_l3. Getting too stinky

EVERYONE! HAVE FUN IN MODERATION! No one wants to be, or deal with the student that gets a little too messy. Ya know, a little too zonked? Sauced? Jazzed? Stumpy? And our personal favorite, mcgoogled. We think you get the picture.

4. Rushing the stagerushing stage

Everybody loves Wiz. That doesn’t mean you have to run on stage and attempt to awkwardly hug him during the concert. Rushing the stage will get you a first class ticket to the clink. Just kidding, but you’re probably gonna get tackled. Not to mention you will look like the guy who’s trying way too hard to be the life of the party.

inflatabel5. Cheating on the inflatable races

Nothing worse than seeing your boyfriend playing tonsil hockey with another girl while waiting in line for the inflatable slide race. Oh, you thought we were going in another direction? FACT: 12% of relationships end at festivals with inflatable race games. Getting an illegal head start in the race is one thing, but being unfaithful to your significant other while doing it: red card.

6. Lightningstamkos

Mother nature, this one’s on you! Nothing is worse than the kid who brings bad weather to the party. Right now the forecast is calling for some rough weather on Friday. But inside information from correspondent Carol Krabit tells us that the forecast is bound to change.

debbie7. Not having fun

Let’s stop beating around the bush. Friday is gonna be awesome whether you like it or not, KAREN. So I don’t wanna hear that it’s too loud, it’s too hot, or that someone threw up on your shoes. Deal with it! Turn that frown upside down and Tiger on! #tigeron

-Ronny Dobbs and Mikey Thomas

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