The 6 Friends You’re Bringing to Tigerfest

Here we are! The home stretch! Tigerfest is a mere eight days away. So close we can almost smell it (if you know what I mean). And if you’re as lazy as us you still haven’t purchased your guest tickets for all the friends you have coming. Or maybe you’re just going to “accidently forget”. Either way, here are the 6 friends you’re bringing to Tigerfest this year.

1. The Highschoolertigerfest1

Here’s Connie, the younger sister of your best friend. She’s only 16, but she swears she wont get on your guys’ nerves and “please guys c’mon I’ll be mature, I promise.” This kid learned all she knows about college from Van Wilder and Old School. With such high expectations of a “real” college experience, you might have to keep a close eye on her.

2. The Future Transferphoto

In just a few months this student will be a new member of the Tigertown family and they’re interested in getting a glimpse of Towson’s premiere event. This friend doesn’t even have a Onecard yet so make sure to treat them to a nice meal on campus while giving them a VIP tour.

tigerfest33. The Hardcore Wiz Fan

You’re not even really close with this guy. I mean, you guys had a really good time playing JV baseball and goofing around in junior year biology, but over the last three years the two of you have gone your separate ways. Funny how things work though, because ever since he heard Wiz was coming it seems like he wants to be best friends again. You don’t want to get him a ticket, but you do feel pretty bad because he has that huge Taylor Gang tattoo on his left bicep. And all Wiz’s mixtapes and albums on vinyl… yeah you gotta bring this guy.

4. Your Best Friend’s Significant Othertigerfest4

You guys have had it planned for weeks. DUDE’S NIGHT OUT! But oh no… Jessica is coming: your best friend’s girlfriend. Kiss all the fun you had planned goodbye because your boy’s gonna be on a rather short leash this weekend.

tigerfest55. The Terp

So this is basically your best friend. Only difference is you chose Towson, and they chose College Park. As much as you love your friend you hate how they’re always comparing Maryland and Towson. Now you shouldn’t feel obligated to show them a great time… but you do. And why not? An awesome Tigerfest experience: 10 POINTS TO TOWSON!

6. The Hometown Herotigerfest6

“Bro! This is soooooo CRAZY!?” Yup… this guy’s coming. He’s a third year community college student (is that even a thing?), but it almost feels like he goes here because he’s here every weekend. Whenever he’s in Towson it seems like he’s always tagging along with you and your friends, but you don’t really mind it because, well, he does have a car.

-Michelangelo and Rondo

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