7 Essential Super Mash Bros. Tracks

mashbros1Hailing from Los Angeles and opening this year’s Tigerfest is the dynamic duo known as the Super Mash Bros. The group consists of DJ’s Dick Fink and Nicolas Fenmore. With their mind-blowing mash-ups and high-energy tracks the Super Mash Bros. are a perfect addition to this year’s lineup and will have us up on our feet from start to finish. To prepare for what promises to be an awesome show, here are seven of the Super Mash Bros. best tracks…

7. “Holy Guacamole” (Listen)

Starting the list is one of the Super Mash Bros. most diverse and weirdly awesome tracks. Combining everything from Billy Joel’s “The Longest Time” to Kreayshawn’s “Gucci” the song is quite an adventure in itself. Be sure to check out that smooth Ludacris x TLC mix around the 2:50 mark.

6. “Livin’ the Dream (I’m on a Float)” (Listen)mashbros2

Start with some Twista, add a little Kanye, and top it off with a Coldplay instrumental. That sounds great by itself. But what about some classic Beatles with… hmmm, Huey? This track is crazy enough to make Eleanor Rigby pop, lock, and drop it.

5. “D.G.A.F.L.Y.F” (Listen)

Just when you thought the Soulja Boy fad was over… Oh, that’s been over? Is JaMarcus Russell a Pro-Bowler yet? Anyway, stuck in 2007 or not this is a great song. Anything that combines “Whoop There It Is” with “Boom Boom I Want You in My Room” is worth a listen in my opinion.

4. “Kisses and Thugs” (Listen)mashbros3

If you were to tell me that DJ Felli Fel’s “Buck in Here” and John Cougar Mellancamp’s “Jack and Diane”would one day mix together to create an amazing track, I’d probably call you a dirty, dirty liar. But hey, even the best of us can be wrong.

3. “Gucci Loafers (Our First Paycheck)” (Listen)

Sure the David Bowie x Kanye West mash-up is pretty awesome, but the real genius of this track comes around the 1:00 mark, when Nelly Furtado’s “Promiscuous” beautifully mixes with Harold Faltermeyer’s iconic theme song for Beverly Hills Cop.

mashbros52. “Bruce Willis Was Dead the Whole Time” (Listen)

What do you get when you take one of the most quotable rap songs of all-time, “A Milli”, and smash it with Kernkraft400’s “Sports Chant”, one of the most recognizable anthems of all-time? A lovechild of epic proportions… and that is exactly what this track is.

1. “Stop That Booty (Here We Come)” (Listen)

I’ve always been a sucker for that opening guitar riff from Modest Mouse, but add in some “Miss New Booty”, some “Kiss Me”, and even Mandy Moore! Musical overload! One word to describe this track: whoa!

You can check out more from the Super Mash Bros. at their website http://supermashbros.com/ and follow them on twitter @SuperMashBros.

-Mike Posner and Ron McDonald

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