Top 8 Wiz Khalifa Moments

It’s young Khalifa, mane. What can we say that hasn’t been said already?  In exactly 2 weeks, the Unitas Stadium stage will be host to the one and only Wiz Khalifa. In honor of the ‘19 Days of Tigerfest’, here are the top 8 Wiz moments of all time!

8. Movie Debutwiz1

Scorsese. Kubrick. Hitchcock. Khalifa? Darn tooten. Last year, Wiz and Snoop Dogg, aka Uncle Snoop aka the D-O-Double G aka Snoop Lion aka the Dogfather, starred in their own feature film titled Mac and Devin go to High School. Following Wiz, who plays the school valedictorian, the movie introduced hit single “Young, Wild, and                                                                   Free”.

7. XXL Freshman Listwiz2

Each year, XXL Magazine picks ten up-and-coming rappers to be featured in their ‘XXL Freshman Class’; a list that all young rappers aspire to earn a spot on. Along with J. Cole and Big Sean, Wiz was lucky enough to be chosen as one of these prodigious rappers in 2010. He was selected primarily because of his early mixtape work with songs like “Never Been”.

wiz36. Rolling Papers Sells 200,000

We’ve all heard the hits and if you graduated in 2011 they were probably the soundtracks to some of your senior years/summers. Infectious songs like “Roll Up” and “No Sleep” made the album a must-listen and were the main reasons it neared the top of the charts for so long.

5. Wiz Punks Punk’dwiz4

We shoulda known Wiz was too smart for this amateur prank. Last year Punk’d did a special feature where celebrities got a chance to prank other celebrities, and luckily (or unluckily) for Wiz, he was a ‘victim’ of a Mac Miller prank. Unlike most Punk’d episodes, Wiz knew what was going on the whole time. Check it out HERE.

wiz54. Star Wars Announces Comeback

A few months ago it was announced that the Star Wars saga will continue, with Harrison Ford breaking the news. Luckily, Khalifa will be free to reprise his role as the loveable Jar Jar Binks. What do you mean he doesn’t play Jar Jar?! Wow, okay. The resemblance is uncanny.

3. Black and Yellow Hits #1 on Billboard Top 100wiz6

Bumblebees, Towson, schoolbusses, taxis, street signs, Pikachu. Yeah.

wiz72. Birth of his Son

February 21st of this year, Wiz and his boo-thang Amber Rose welcomed a son to the world: little Sebastian Khalifa. Well, Khalifa is just his stage name, but it sounds pretty cool. We hope being a father doesn’t mature Wiz too much… well at least until April 19th.

1. Headlining Tigerfestwiz8

We’ve been informed that headlining Tigerfest is the biggest honor of Wiz Khalifa’s life. This is all according to George Costanza. He never lies. So sure, maybe it’s just speculation but we think that Tigerfest could be one of Wiz’s best moments of all time!

Now that you know the facts, all that’s left to do is pick up a ticket and (unfortunately) wait! Tigerfest is Friday, April 19th and begins at 3:30pm. WE CAN’T WAIT!!!

-Mike Huckabee and Ron Reagan

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