We love Towson. As an all-inclusive campus with great students, awesome teachers, and tons of stuff to do, we think towshtag1
Towson’s motto should be “The Greatest School in the World”. But that’s just a little sappy. In this blog we had a little fun and created a boatload of rejected Towson slogans, and we challenge you to do the same. Tweet your own using #RejectedTowsonSlogans and let’s get this thing trending! To kick it off, here’s what we came up with.

  • Towson: where the spirit is strong and the wind is stronger
  • Towson: does he need to sign in?
  • Towson: less nerds than College Park
  • Towson: we think Mike Rowe went here
  • Towson: where do I park?
  • Towson: where even the ‘night watch’ need to be watched
  • Towson: there aren’t many boys here
  • Towson: where’s the map for this building?
  • Towson: yeah, this is definitely the wrong bus
  • Towson: but seriously, does anyone know if Mike Rowe went here?
  • Towson: I forgot my raincoat
  • Towson: I think that’s taco meat
  • Towson: so is part ‘East Village’?
  • Towson: at least Bill Murray likes us
  • Towson: all publicity is good publicity
  • Towson: so do the points mean dollars?
  • Towson: soccer? I think you mean Kronum.
  • Towson: I think we hate Delaware
  • Towson: are any professors not adjunct?
  • Towson: does this count as a core requirement?
  • Towson: safer than Baltimore
  • Towson: the garages get real weird after a certain hour
  • Towson: yes, Subway is open
  • Towson: don’t forget to sign out your exercise bike

Hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to tweet your own slogans!

-Mike Dukakis and Ron Paul

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