7 Best Things About Spring at Towson

Spring has sprung! Well not really. But we have heard promising news from Towson University weather consultant Brick Tamland, who says, “Weather’s here! Count on it!” Despite our campus still being home to at least three quasi-snowmen, we like to think that warm weather is just around the corner. In honor of wishful thinking, here are the seven best things about springtime at Towson…

towsonlax1. Sporting Events

We like sportz and we don’t care who knows! Lacrosse! Softball! Track! Baseball (R.I.P.)! It’s a spring sports smorgasbord; grab a plate and eat up! It seems like every day our fellow Tigers are suiting up in their black and gold. Whether you go out to support or not, something about these sporting events just livens up the spring atmosphere on campus. Not to mention all the intramural opportunities we have going on these last few months of school!

2. Warm Weather Clothesspring girl

Have a new pair of Ray Bans you haven’t whipped out yet? Maybe a new set of mandals that are just begging to be worn? Or how about that new sundress you got at Forever 21 when it was on sale for $6.99? It’s about time these blissful ensembles saw the light of day, literally. Toss those Northfaces and sweatpants aside… but don’t throw them too far, this IS Towson and we really don’t know what to expect.

sunnytowson3.  You Might Actually go to Class

Remember two weeks ago when you got up to go to your 8am but turned back around because you thought it was too “rainy”. Well that excuse has run its course. There’s no reason to skip class when sunny spring weather is what awaits you outside. I mean, we could probably still think of a few reasons…

4. Tigerfest wiztigerfest

Mark your calendars: April 19th. That’s the big day. Every year Tigerfest ushers in the spring with a bang as arguably Towson’s most anticipated event. Headlined this year by rap superstar Wiz Khalifa, Tigerfest is bound to be a hoot!

towson pretty5. Pretty Campus

In 2011 Towson’s campus was named “#1 Prettiest Campus on Earth” by the two old men from The Muppets.  We’ve got it all: squares of freedom, blooming flowers, and Belieb it or not, almost NO CONSTRUCTION. No doubt, one of the coolest things about spring at Towson is taking in our beautiful hunk of a campus.

6. The Baltimore Areacamdenyards

Another perk of going to Towson is the endless opportunities that lie just minutes away in the great city of Baltimore. You can go to Camden Yards to witness some Orioles Magic, head up to Soundstage and catch a concert, or even mosey on down to the inner harbor where the sun seems to shine just a little bit brighter.

Happy-College-Students-Proud-Graduates7.   EVERYONE IS HAPPY

Ever looked a fellow student in the eye on a cold, windy, dreadful day? It’s depressing. During the winter everyone seems to be walking around like someone kicked their puppy. But come spring, that all changes! Those frowns turn upside and everyone gets a little pep in their step. So live it up! Be happy! Because next thing you know it’ll be winter again.

-Michael Scott and Ron Stoppable

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