March Madness: Reviewing the Towson On-Campus Dining Bracket

THIS IS MADNESS! Ooh, actually… you know what? I’m really starting to regret starting this out with a 300 reference. Oh well, no turning back now #typewriterproblems


ANYWAY, as most of you know the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is well under way with the Sweet 16 beginning later this week. And unless you’ve figured out some sort of algorithm to predict the winners, your bracket is not looking so hot (real mature, Florida Golf Coast). But what we’ve done is create a more fun and less stressful bracket for you to look at… and fill out if you want.

Without further ado, we bring you the official seeding and reviews for the 2013 TDS (Towson Dining Services) March Madness Bracket. Rankings are based on a combination of quality, location, hours, setting, and selection. (They also don’t matter. Kinda like ‘Whose Line is it Anyway‘.)

1.       PAWS

Tough call by the selection committee but the hours and food choices are what really set Paws apart. Host to many big shows throughout the year, it seems Paws is primed to put on one of their own.

madness222.       7720 Café (Admin. Building)

By far the best food on campus but will their remote location and inconvenient hours be enough to get them through the tourney? It certainly can’t hurt to have the president on your side.

3.       Susquehanna

Great location. Solid choices. This no-question top four seed is an easy frontrunner for a final four bid. However, being closed on the weekends has been putting sour thoughts in the heads of critics.

madness34.       The Den      

The Den, led by their meatball subs, have been dominating all season. If they have one weakness, though, it’s their consistency, changing their grill selection every four weeks.

5.       Newell   

Now that the residence hall is open, Newell Diner has been forced to step up their game this season. As the first dining hall on our list we expect big things from this 5 seed.

madness46.       Brick Street Café

Known around the table as the “Underground Underdog”, Brick Street gives their fans an intimate eating experience. We’ll see how they handle the big stage this year.

7.       Glen Diner

Oh what a view! It seems fans around the league either love or hate the Glen, however we can’t deny that their selection is top notch. We think 7th seed suits Glen well.

madness58.       Ptux

Nosostros gusta Ptux. In fact, we gusta it A LOT. Their quesadillas and burritos are to die for, but their slim hours are keeping them from a higher seed in our bracket.

9.       Roadside Grill

As many of you know, Roadside’s barbeque melt is in the running for TDS meal of the year. BUT, as tasty as their meals may be, we don’t see it as healthy to eat there more than once a day.

madness610.   Einstein Bagels

The unrivaled breakfast champion! But is it enough? Sure, they do alright in the Breakfast Conference, but do we really think they can hang with some of these experienced dinner-serving powerhouse locations?

11.   Commons

The average man’s eating diner. Sure they get the job done, but Commons is just so… common. They serve a mean breakfast, but unless you’re a Wild West Villager, it’s likely you have Commons pretty low in your mind, just like us.

madnessout12.   Outtakes

Outtakes doesn’t bring the strongest starting five to the court, but with their diverse and tasty selection of snacks, we see them as one of the deepest squads playing this March. Clutch microwave meals are why we think you should have Outtakes on UPSET ALERT!

13.   Starbucks

An energetic squad, those ‘Bucks are. They’re dominating the Library League this season but their lack of snack makes them a pretty big risk, in our opinion.

madnessjamba14.   Jamba Juice

With those wild rainbow uniforms, the Juicers sure are smooth on the court. They’re known to be a flashy team but they lack the fundamentals to make a deep tourney run.

15.   Liberal Arts Café

This small-bodied team is a long shot in this year’s tournament. However, a wide variety of trick plays has kept them alive this season, literally making opponents feel as if they were lost.

madnesscart16.   Strange Food Cart by Enrollment Services

This team is a mystery to the analysts. Where did they come from? What is their specialty? Do they even belong here? To call them a risk would be an understatement, but that just might be what it takes to win your bracket this year.

In all seriousness, we love all of our dining halls, not to mention their friendly and caring workers! And as much as you may like one food location over another, you really can’t go wrong eating anywhere here on campus. Besides, these are just our rankings! Vote down below and let us know YOUR favorite place to eat on campus!

-Mike Golic and Ron Jaworski


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