5 Rejected Towson Mascots and the Ballad of Teddy Towson

QRGNFAPNTRBGZAC.20120811203716When Teddy “Stinky Toes” Towson founded this great University, choosing the Tiger as a mascot was not a simple task. There were many other um….. “unique” candidates that were considered. In the end “Stinky Toes” could not overcome his passion for the majestic and powerful striped feline. Here are the mascots he passed up.

The CrabsMr._Krabs'_Really_Happy

It was all figured out. Towson University’s mascot was to be Krusty the Crab. After all, we do actually have crabs in our state (sorry tigers). However, after a bitter legal battle with Nickelodeon and the creators of SpongeBob Square pants, Towson was forced to withdraw their claim on the Krusty the Crab trademark. Towson and Nickelodeon still have yet to mend their relationship.


 Towson Taquitos. Has a ring to it doesn’t it? Teddy sure thought so. Not only is the delectable treat a classic college snack, but, (FUN FACT) Towson actually has roots in the Spanish language: Tòwsoñ (v.) (pron: Towl-sin): 1.  To walk the dog. The name got all the way to the NCAA Mascot Sanction Board, where it was rejected on the basis of Rule XVII, that states it is illegal to name a mascot after a snack. No matter how delicious it is.


This idea was brought to Mr. Towson’s attention by his wife, the beautiful Dolores Towson. Squirrels are abundant in this area and they sure are nutty! Teddy loved and trusted Dolores, but this is one thing they couldn’t agree on. Teddy suffered from Sciurophobia, or fear of squirrels, which affects a staggering 31% of Americans. Now is where we say it “drove him nuts” right? Wrong. Grow up.


 It really does seem like it rains every day on campus. Heck, even the “record-breaking snowstorms” turn to rain. This potential name came about after friends of Teddy’s, Fat Joe and Lil Wayne, released platinum-selling record “Make it Rain”. However, this idea could not come to fruition due to a dispute concerning the mascot’s name. Lil Wayne had his heart set on the name “Lil Rayne”. He had even created a suit and volunteered to be the mascot. Teddy was willing to settle if he changed the name to “Big Rayne”, stating it would be more intimidating. Weezy took this as a shot at his height and angrily left the project, disallowing the school to use his song title for the mascot.


 We know what you’re thinking: this is Maryland’s mascot. Well it wasn’t always that way. Ted’s childhood rival Chad “So College” Park, also went on to become the founder of a University. IN THE SAME STATE. Ted loved turtles more than anyone. Ever seen the “I like turtles” kid? That’s young Teddy! Chad knew this and wanted to sabotage Ted’s turtle mascot dream. And that’s exactly what he did. Chad stole the mascot plans and costume design. Before Ted knew it, Chad had registered the Terrapin trademark for University of Maryland, College Park. Determined to one up his rival, Ted came up with a stronger, more fierce, and majestic mascot that would trounce a turtle any day. And the rest is history…

If you think of anymore tweet them with #RejectedTowsonMascots. Know any more facts about Teddy Towson? Tweet them using #TeddyTowson. Hope you learned a thing or two! Oh and by the way, in reality we were actually called the Towson Knights before the Tigers… but we like our story a little better.

-Mike and Ron

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