6 More Reasons to Support Towson Men’s Basketball (Finale Edition)

I don’t think we have to tell you again. But we will: Towson is back, baby! But… although we rank 2nd in the CAA with a 12-5 conference record, WE RANK 3rd TO LAST IN ATTENDANCE. Saturday, March 2nd at 4pm Towson takes on Hofstra in the final game of the season which is also the final game at the Towson Center. Here are 6 reasons to show up!

1)      Nostalgia: Ultrajackie-moon (1)

Although we’re moving on to bigger and better, there is still some nostalgia in our beloved Towson Arena. Like that time when Michael Jordan and the Looney Toons came and practiced so they could beat those evil aliens: aka the Monstars. Or that time when Will Ferrell wrestled a bear just so the Tropics could make it to the NBA. Good times…

photo (11)2)      Burritos

Burritos are good. Basketball is also good. But when you mix them? For free? THIS IS MADNESS! According to @Doc_The_Tiger, 4 participants will be selected to participate in an eating competition with the victor winning FREE QDOBA BURRITOS FOR A YEAR! Follow @Doc_The_Tiger for more info on how you can enter into the contest!

3)      We Can Make HISTORYHairston-vs-OSU

Big names in history: George Washington, the Wright Brothers, Towson Basketball? YES! It’s true; with a win against Hofstra, Towson has a chance to make it into the history books with the biggest turnaround in NCAA D1 basketball history! After going 1-31 last year, Towson has a chance to go 18-13 which would be a 17 game improvement. Zoinks!

                                                        4)      Celebrities….Maybe


Despite our losing history, several celebrities have graced Towson basketball with their presence. Examples include Torrey Smith, Bill Murray, and that one president guy… oh yeah, BARACK OBAMA (so what if he was rooting for the other team!) Now we can’t promise anything, but with Towson’s past, we wouldn’t put it past a big-name celebrity to show up on Saturday.

5)      Hop On the Bandwagoncoach

All aboard! Choo choo? Yeah, choo choo. This is not a one-year occurrence. Towson men’s basketball is primed for a good 3-4 year run, with possibilities of making the NCAA Tournament sometime soon. A young team, plus solid recruiting, along with the quality coaching by Pat Skerry, Towson will be a threat to compete for years to come. Don’t wait… join the bandwagon NOW!

towscenter6)      You Have Nothing Better to Do

It’s 4pm on a Saturday. Seriously. What else are you doing? Playing chess? Watching Modern Marvels? STOP DOING THOSE BORING THINGS! It’s free basketball, people. FREE! Don’t even pretend like you have something better to do because 4pm at Towson Center there will be magic! Count on it!

When you’re at the game (not IF), use #TowsonFinale when tweeting about the action! Hope to see you there!!!

-Mike Krzyzewski and Ron Artest

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