#TUInstatags for Every Day of the Week (Towson Edition)

OMG #ThrowbackThursday #ManCrushMonday #SelfieSunday. SHUT UP! Typical hashtags used to be fresh and charming with the introduction of Instagram and Twitter, but enough. We get it. You were a semi-cute baby. Ryan Gosling looks good shirtless. And that “Rise” tint makes you look like you stumbled into an 1860’s saloon on your way to the party. These daily hashtags are getting a little repetitive, so why not spice it up. Here are 7 NEW daily hashtags with a Towson twist! (Pictures by yours truly!)


Mondays stank. Don’t let them stank. How about pulling some…. no, we’re better than that. But we’re not better than some good old fashioned fun, yet safe tomfoolery. Take pictures of FRIENDLY jokes and pranks around campus like ours to the left! BUT DO NOT BREAK/DESTROY/VANDALIZE ANYTHING! Because we do have a very particular set of skills; skills we have acquired over our very long careers. Skills that make us a nightmare for people like you. And we will look for you and we will find you….


That’s what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older and they stay the same age.” -as famously quoted in Dazed and Confused. And I know you all agree. Just Kidding. But seriously. There’s nothing cooler than seeing prospective students get their first glimpse of Tigertown. So why not introduce yourself! Take a picture with the tour and give them something to remember about the good ol’ TU.


WednesdayWho even likes wind? Sailors? People who like kites? IT’S COLD AS THE ARCTIC OUT HERE! What the heck Punxsutawney Phil, YOU PROMISED, MAN! It seems like this winter has been never-ending and frankly we’ve had enough. Instead of being a little crybaby about it, though, suck it up and take a shivering selfie of you on your way to class!

#MealThrowawayThursdayphoto (7)

It’s Thursday. Studying and sleep have gained priority over the lesser things in life like, you know, eating. So you only spent one meal on Tuesday, and you didn’t spend any on Wednesday because you couldn’t resist those Papa John’s leftovers… and we all know how that went.  Now, come Thursday that leaves you with exactly… one no-holds-bar trip to Outtakes. So after you’ve gathered your small army of Lean Cuisine Quesadillas, overpriced Gatorades, and Chicken and Waffle Lays (Chicken and Waffle? Hey, why not?), proudly snap a picture of your makeshift college buffet.

photo (8)#FerociousFriday

“It’s the freakin’ weekend baby I’m about to have me some fun.”  –R. Kelly, Towson’s First President

Hold up though. Before you get your freak on, get fierce and take a quick pic of you in Towson gear doing your best Tiger roar impression. We’re talking paws, claws and all.

#SecurityGuardSaturdayphoto (9)

We already know y’all ain’t got time for signing your friends in after 11pm, and on Saturdays the task is especially intense. Sometimes security guards can be a little grumpy, and all the rowdy weekend students might give them the right to be. Lighten the mood! Get a shot of you and your friends posing with your favorite dorm security guard. Because the law needs some love too.



More like Sun-daze right? No? Oh god. This is really embarrassing. It’s like you work your tail off trying to write a funny blog and you end it with a stupid joke like that. Point taken, it won’t happen again.

Statistics show that on Sundays the average Towson student wakes up at 3:08pm (Snapple-facts.com). Crazy, right!? You work hard enough during the week; take pride in your laziness! Instead of drowning yourself in 6 hours of Gossip Girl, grab your phone and take a picture of your clock to boast your tardiness!  Ok, ok, you can still watch Gossip Girl but also do the picture thing…

Oh and by the way, WE MADE AN INSTAGRAM! Follow us at at iamsam_tu. Do NOT follow us at samstagram_tu. That was just a test account. Sorry to confuse… 

-Mike Rowe and Ron Swanson

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