Choosing an Apartment…OFF CAMPUS!

apartment 1With spring semester well underway, many students are already focusing their attention on securing off campus housing for next fall and beyond.

To aid students in fighting off this never-ending barrage of brochures, waiting lists, and paperwork, Off-Campus Student Services will be hosting the Off-Campus Living Fair Wednesday, February 20th, from 11:00am to 2:00pm in the Potomac Lounge of the University Union.

Students are encouraged to come out and learn more about their potential housing options. THERE IS FREE FOOD AS WELL!!!!

Before attending the event, here are five important factors to keep in mind when deciding which off-campus apartment best suits you:

towson placeProximity

Sure, living off-campus is pretty cool.

The independence, the ability to cook your own food, and all the other “grown-up” benefits.

However, reality soon sets in that your classes may no longer be just a short walk away.

Although Towson’s off-campus shuttle does a great job of providing students with transportation to and from campus, some still enjoy being able to walk to their classes.

If proximity to campus is important to you check out complexes like Towson Place, Cardiff Hall, or University Village.

dirty apartmentCleanliness

While a lot of this factor depends on your own proactivity, or lack thereof, it is important to choose a complex where the apartments are kept clean and tidy.

Before settling on a location make sure to thoroughly check the apartment for any signs of abuse or filth.


No one likes doing the laundry, or, dare I even say, manually washing the dishes!

That’s why amenities like personal washing machines and dryers and easy to use dishwashers are so crucial to many prospective residents.

Look to see what different complexes offer and prioritize what is most important to you.

Some apartments even offer great community-wide amenities, like the swimming pool at Kenilworth at Charles, the storage facilities at Donnybrook, or the fitness centers at University Village and The Quarters.


One of the best things about moving off-campus is gaining the ability to immerse yourself in the area surrounding campus.

Complexes like Towson Woods, Colonies at Kenilworth, and Kenilworth at Charles all provide peaceful, and suburban locations for students looking for a more serene off-campus experience.

On the other hand, locations like Fellowship Court, Donnybrook, Towson Place, and The Quarters are just a short walk away from prime shopping areas like Towson Town Center, Target, and Wal-Mart.


And last but not least, everyone’s favorite deciding factor, price.

Tuition is already a major hit on every student’s checkbook, so finding an apartment that not only provides a great living experience, but is also cost effective, should be the number one priority of every prospective resident.

Inform yourself and know what you’re paying for.

Compare prices and make sure you don’t settle on something just because it’s cheap and don’t set your heart on one place just because you think it’s luxury.

Follow these links for more info on off-campus housing at Towson University and the Off-Campus Living Fair!


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