Nosing Around at Non-Profits and Networking


Last Wednesday, networking1twenty-or-so of the Baltimore area’s finest non-profit organizations set up shop at Towson’s Potomac Lounge for Non-Profits and Networking (previously known as the Service Fair), looking to snatch up any Towson student with a knack for volunteering.

I watched the various teams of volunteer workers set up their respective tables with elegant posters, matching t-shirts, and copious stacks of ad material. I watched them fan out their pamphlets and eventually I watched them wait. But most importantly I watched them selfishly and wondered: how in the world am I going to cover this event?

So I talked to them.

All of them.

And I think I struck gold.

Aside from some awesome volunteer opportunities, Non-Profits and Networking was a showcase of some real and genuine humanitarians with HUGE goals! Each and every person that I spoke with seemed thrilled to tell me about their organization with passion carving out each word they spoke. It was refreshing. If you love to volunteer I really hope you didn’t miss out on Wednesday’s fair. Just in case you did, though, these were JUST A FEW of my favorite organizations that you might have never heard of:

networking2Boys Hope Girls Hope of Baltimore

Boys Hope Girls Hope is such a cool initiative and I couldn’t believe I’d never heard of it before. What they do, is they take eight at-risk boys and girls from broken homes and house them in the BHGH home. Their goal is to motivate these kids to become respectful young ladies and gentlemen of society.

4K for Cancer

4,000 miles: 30 days: 1 mission. If their slogan doesn’t reel you in, I’ll do my best to get you on board. Starting in San Francisco and ending in Baltimore, 4K for Cancer is an insane run where participants make stops along the way inspiring and supporting communities who have been affected by cancer.

Laps for Autism

Despite the fact that it’s for an awesome cause, one of the best parts about Laps for Autism is that it’s RIGHT HERE AT TOWSON! I was unaware of this but Sunday, April 7th, Unitas Stadium will host the 3rd annual event. All proceeds go to the Hussman Center for Adults with Autism!

 Blue Water Baltimore networking3

This one is for all environment lovers out there! Blue Water Baltimore’s goal is basically to improve the health of the local outdoors. There are plenty of ways to get involved in BWB, including tree-planting, stream-cleaning, and fundraising assistance!

NACA (Northwood Appold Community Academy)

Another great organization, NACA is a charter school that takes in Baltimore City students who are in great need of life-assistance. There are heaps of children who don’t think they’ll ever go to college or be able to make something of themselves. NACA takes these kids in and assures them that they absolutely can have a bright future!

Speaking with all the volunteers at Non-Profits and Networking was an awesome experience but it’s just the beginning! If you’re interested in lending a hand in the community, check out Towson’s Community Service page for a wide variety of opportunities !

-Mike T.

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