More Than Just Talk Soup


Sunday, February 24, Towson CAB is presenting this year’s Comedy Show featuring the one any only Joel McHale! Some of you might have questions like, well, “who is he?” If you’re not involved with the Community and you don’t satisfy your hunger with The Soup, you might not exactly be sure. Without further ado, I say we get all elementary school up in here and find out who exactly this Joel McHale cat is… through acrostic poem.

J- Jacket and Tie

No matter what character he is playing or what talk show he is appearing on, McHale can rarely be seen without his signature skinny tie and sport jacket. Featured before in GQ and Men’s Fitness magazine, the guy is a male fashion icon. So much so that one cyber-artist even created a blog called “How to Dress Like Joel McHale.” Check it out HERE!

O- Open Season… 2


Remember Open Season? You know, with the deer and the bear and all the other forest animals? Well Joel McHale played Elliot, the movie’s lead character, but not until the sequel. As weird as it may sound, Ashton Kutcher, who played Elliot in the first movie did not sign on for a second run, leaving the similar-sounding McHale to take his place.

E- E!

Let’s have some chat stew shall we? Maybe his best-known work, Joel can be seen on the E! Network hosting his laugh-out-loud show The Soup. Sarcastic in manner, The Soup features McHale re-watching, and soon after, mocking popular reality TV clips from the previous week including the likes of Oprah, Toddlers in Tiaras, and Keeping up with the Kardashians. His clever one-liners and quirky remarks make The Soup must watch TV!

L- Lawyer

mchale5I’m sorry, ex-lawyer. Also known as Jeff Winger, McHale plays a former lawyer in NBC’s cult series Community. The show highlights the ups and downs of seven lovable misfits who find themselves in the same study group at a Colorado community college. Depicted perfectly by McHale, Jeff Winger is an ego maniac and smooth talker who always seems to have the right words to unite the group. Ahh, a Winger speech to bring us home.

M- Masters Degree

Years ago, Joel McHale was just like you and me: a college student. And then after that he was a college student again! That’s right, after graduating from University of Washington with his bachelor’s degree (in history), he went back to school for two more years, achieving a Master of Fine Arts degree from Washington’s Professional Actor’s training program.

C- Comedianmchale7

Just because someone is funny on TV doesn’t mean they do good standup, right? Right! But actually wrong in this scenario. Live-show is actually where McHale got his start as a member of Almost Live in 1993. Ever since then, Joel has been touring the country on and off, showing fans from east to west that he’s much more than an actor!

H- Husky Puppies!

Hurry, quick! It’s a video of Joel McHale playing with some really cute husky puppies. Click HERE! Go, go, go!

A- Abs

No doubt about it; Joel McHale is one handsome and well-built son of a gun. Driving women crazy, his character in McHale6Community is known to rip off his shirt in an instant, showing off his ripped upper torso. In one episode, we even see that he makes a mark on the table edge every time he makes an ab pun in regular conversation. Check out this hilarious, yet apropos scene of McHale living up to his reputation!

L- Love Life

Sorry ladies; but ever since 1996 Joel has been wifed-up. Relatively unknown, his lady of choice is named Sarah Williams, and McHale has gone on record describing her as a “supermom”. Together, Joel and Sarah have two sons named Eddie and Isaac who are 9 and 6, respectively.

E- End… Tight Endmchale8

Now I know we mentioned that he went to school at the University of Washington but there’s something important about McHale’s college experience that we left out: football. Amazingly enough, Joel McHale walked on to the Washington Huskies Division I football team as a tight end. While he only played for two years and was not a vital part of the team, I would have to say that makes him one of the most athletic actors in all of Hollywood.

If you still haven’t purchased your ticket stop whatever you are doing and GO NOW!!! The show is Sunday, February 24th at 7:30pm in the Towson Center. Tickets can be purchased at the Union box office and students pay $15 for riser seats and $20 for floor seats. Hope to see you there!

-Mike T.


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