10 Best Tigers of All Time

Two weeks ago, on January 28th, Towson’s campus celebrated its 100th year of existence (as reported by the Towerlight). This means that just 101 years ago, much of Towson was just some old stinky farmland. Ew. In honor of history and stuff, I compiled a list of the 10 best tigers of all time.  Wait, what? Oh, yeah I know, we weren’t called the Tigers until 1962. Grow up dude.

1. Tonytony

Boy how we like the things he does. But do we really wish we could be him? Absolutely! Tony is just a real dude. He’s big, strong, and good at every single sport but he’s always humble enough to sit down and enjoy some Frosted Flakes with his teammates. In a world filled with diva athletes we could really use some more guys like Tony around.

tigress  2. Tigress (Kung Fu Panda)

Master Tigress, as some may say, is one of the toughest and fiercest tigers in show business; and oh yeah, by the way she’s a girl! As the leader of the Furious Five, Tigress can sometimes be seen as cold and rough around the edges but even a girl as hardcore as Tigress has her soft spots, as seen at the end of the first Kung Fu Panda.

3. Mike Tyson’s Tiger from The Hangoverhangover tiger

What do tigers dream of when they take a little tiger snooze? Whatever it may be, this tiger probably never dreamt of making it on this countdown, so congratulations to him. This mean, striped, jungle cat gave Alan, Stu, and Phil one heck of a time in Vegas, contributing to a hilarious movie. Plus he gets to chill with Mike Tyson like every day, and what’s cooler than that?

tigger4. Tigger (Winnie the Pooh)

T-I-double guh-err. Who doesn’t love Winnie the Pooh’s bouncy, trouncy, bud, Tigger? Tigger may very well have ADHD and can frequently be seen literally bouncing off the walls but he certainly means well. Always lending a helping hand to his friends in Hundred Acre Wood, Tigger has a heart of gold. Not convinced? Check out his famous sing-a-long HERE!

5. Two Brothers Tigerstwobros

This one-of-a-kind movie teaches viewers about love, friendship, and- OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE IT LITERALLY HURTS, I CAN’T TAKE IT. I HONESTLY MIGHT EXPLODE!!! If you haven’t seen the movie it’s about two tiger brothers who are separated as cubs and journey back to find each other. In other words it’s just cute tigers doing cute tiger things. And they are really cute.

                                                     6. Shere Khan (The Jungle Book)


A tiger with a British accent? Whaaaat?! Shere Khan was bad in both definitions of the word. Everyone knows lions are typically kings of the jungle, but NOPE, Shere Khan wears the crown in Disney’s Jungle Book. While he was an excellent leader and a smooth talker, Khan’s subordinates eventually rise against him causing to flee at the end of the first Jungle Book. It was fun while it lasted, though.

7. Marilyn Monroemarylin

She sure is a tiger, isn’t she fellas? Hold up creep, this has nothing to do with her looks. What this does have something to do with is astrology, and Marilyn, according to Chinese horoscopes, is considered a “Tiger”. The characteristics of a Tiger in an astrological context include fearless, independent, strong, and confident. Yep. Sounds like her.

                                               8. Hobbes


Hobbes is nothing like his devious best friend Calvin who can most commonly be seen across the country peeing on sports logos on bumper stickers. Hobbes is intelligent and level-headed, usually giving Calvin sound advice which is inevitably ignored. No one is sure if Hobbes transforms from stuffed to real tiger or is just a figment of Calvin’s imagination. Either way, he’s one of the top tigers of all time.

9. The Tiger Whose Eye Survivor was Talking Abouteye of tiger

If you’ve seen Rocky III or have been to a sporting event at any level you know this song. Actually written for Sylvester Stallone (Rocky), there’s something about “Eye of the Tiger” that gives us all an instant adrenaline rush. If it wasn’t for the referenced tiger and his eye, Survivor might have written about the eye of the elephant or something, completely changing the world as we know it today.

                                     10. Doc Minnegan


Shame on you guys. You really thought I wasn’t going to include Doc in this list. This list isn’t based on any sort of ranking but Towson’s fierce and mighty mascot may just be the best tiger of all time (sorry Tony)! Always down for a good time, Doc has the energy of Tigger, the athleticism of Tony, and I heard rumors that he’s a VIP guest at many of Mike Tyson’s parties. Show some love for our furry friend and follow him on twitter @Doc_The_Tiger. ROAR!

Honorable mention:

Miguel Cabrera

Tiger Woods

Rajah (Aladdin)

-Mike T.

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