6 Reasons to Attend Towson Basketball Games

Towson Men’s basketball… Maybe just saying those words out loud is enough to make you giggle. Only a year towsocentremoved from an excruciating 41-game losing streak, our Tiger hoops squad hasn’t exactly given us much to be proud of. BUT THAT WAS THE PAST!Currently 4th in the CAA, the university’s old punch line is red hot and (wait for it) winning! Okay, so we have the competitive team and we have the new stadium in the works. What else do we need? Oh yeah, THE FANS! Wednesday, February 6th at 7pm the Towson Men’s team takes on Delaware at home and we need you to be there!!! Here are 6 reasons for you to go to watch!

Jerrelle Benimon

  1. Jerrelle Benimon 

This dude grabs boards like a greedy carpenter. He’s got points like a desert cactus. Similes aside, Benimon is a straight freak on the court! First in the CAA in rebounds per game (11.5) and fifth in scoring (16.9), Jerrelle is making a strong case for CAA Player of the Year. Benimon puts on a show game after game so why not give him the audience he deserves?!

2. Close Games

Sporting events, like anything, come with a risk of being boring. It’s no fun attending a game where your team is blown out but a blow out win can also be a little dull. One of the coolest parts of this year’s Towson team is that they keep games close! Eleven of Towson’s games this year have been decided by 6 points or less, including 3 overtime games. To put it simply, you will not be bored!!

3. We’re on TV!doc

Okay, so we’re not on ESPN but Wednesday’s game is going to be regionally televised. Let’s show the viewers that Towson has some school spirit! Because we do. Football games have been crazy over the past two years with games frequently selling out. Let’s show that same support for our b-ball team!

4. Price: $0

Partying costs money. Going out to eat costs money. Towson basketball games: NO MONEY. That’s right; all basketball games are FREE to students. In a world where even water costs money, you can come watch our team without spending anything! Take advantage of this luxury and come on out!

5. It’s Delawaredelaware

Not sure if you knew this but us and the Blue Hens are heated division rivals! It’s not a Red Sox-Yankees game but the players on both squads are going to give a little extra, knowing who the opponent is. Not only is it a big rivalry, but we’re currently competing with Delaware for 3rd place in the CAA. The winner will hold the 3rd spot for the time being, moving them just games away from a division lead.

6. Bye Bye Towson Center

Goodbye Towson Center, hello Tiger Arena! The men’s team has just 4 games left this season, which means just 4 more games until the team will move to the newly constructed Tiger Arena. Give the court a proper farewell by going out and supporting your team!

One more time, the game is Wednesday, February 6th at 7pm in the Towson Center. Be there or be square!

-Mike T.

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