TU After Hours draws students, community

Towson University is a community. For the students who go here, it’s more than just a place to get an education–it’s a place to build lasting friendships. Sam and the Student Activities team couldn’t be happier to be part of this amazing atmosphere, and Friday night, we all got to experience just another example of student spirit. In case you couldn’t attend TU After Hours, you should definitely put it on your agenda for next year (it’s that good!). The turnout was really impressive, which wasn’t surprising given the vast array of activities being offered. From Drag Queen Bingo to exotic animals, there was something for everyone. If the comedy show didn’t suit your fancy, the spread of desserts that went with it certainly brought some sweetness to the evening. Students lined up to sample the attractions in each room of the Union, giving everyone a pleasant diversion from the stress of the first week of classes. But perhaps the best part of the night was the togetherness. Everywhere you looked, there were friends laughing and sharing their time with one another. Some got their pictures taken at the photo booth, while others dared to try their hand at karaoke. Quite a few couldn’t wait to get a glimpse of the kangaroo on the third floor, and others took a turn at Minute to Win It. Whatever activity it was, there was more than enough to capture the interest of the students who attended.

Towson really is all about community, and Friday night, students got the chance to make memories and build friendships that will last a lifetime. Sam and the team (myself included) can’t wait to see what TU After Hours brings next year!



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