#TUhiphopnews If Other Rappers Came to Speak at Towson

Towson’s CAB recently announced that rapper/actor/spoken word artist Common will be making his way to Tigertown this February to speak for Black History Month. Common’s resume features poetry readings at the White House and his presentation will undoubtedly be a must-watch. CAB’s exciting news did get us thinking though… what if other famous rappers were invited to Towson to speak?

Lil Wayne

The cause:


Weezy F Baby and the ‘F’ is for fronside ollie? That’s right; Young Money’s poster boy is here for skateboard convention. Wayne has made no secret of his passion for shredding and we feel like he would use his speaking platform to discuss everything from deck designs to legendary skate parks in a half speaking/half demonstration skate show.

The result:

Pro skater Rob Dyrdek said that Wayne is “learning at a remarkable level” and it seems like he takes his skating really seriously. As long as the students can get past his raspy mumbling, I’d expect an interesting show!


The cause:


Is Tupac REALLY dead? Was it all a conspiracy? If so where is he? I would ove to answer your questions but this show has nothing to do with any of them. What it does have to do with is HOLOGRAMS! If you didn’t see the show at Cochella 2012 check it out here. For those of you who did, ‘Pac is back for an assembly showing off the latest in hologram innovations.

The result:

How about creepy? As realistic as the Tupac hologram at Cochella was, the eeriness outweighed the glory of it all for me. I would like to see a Biggie visual though….

Kanye West

The cause:


What’s that jacket, Margiela? Kanye LOVES clothes and as one of the best dressed in the biz, ‘Ye would make his appearance felt with Towson’s very on fashion show. Not for students, though; Yeezy would no doubt roll up to TU with a whole caravan of models ready to hit the runway. Oh and not to mention his new sweetheart, Kim K. HAAH?

The result:

The man everybody loves to hate always finds a way to stir up trouble when… “hold up Student Activities, imma let you finish but Complex has one of the best blogs of all time.” Yeah, that.

Lupe Fiasco

The cause:


Politics. Lupe may claim that he loathes government and power but he sure does love talking about them. In a 2011 interview Lupe claimed that “the biggest terrorist is Obama and the United States.” Ouch! If you’ve listened to his music you know that Fiasco has very strong, yet extreme views, where nothing is off limits.

The result:

If he manages to get his message across, I foresee riots. Somehow Lupe will peg the Baltimore police as America’s number one enemy, causing an uproar (pun intended) among student activists throughout campus.

Rick Ross


The cause:

There’s no question the dude who named his rap label after a car (Maybach Music) would be leading a luxury car show featuring whips from Lexus to Benz to Rolls Royce. Also known as Rozay, Ross would take the podium speaking about his favorite classic cars, as well as the best new rides on the market.

The result:

Unfortunately for us, The Boss would become distracted by the overflow of tasty food on campus and miss the show. After four “Cheesy Italians”, the three-hundred pound rapper’s first trip to Paws would turn into a marathon leading him into a bloated state of euphoria, leaving a puzzled, yet understanding audience.

Special thanks to our friends at Towson CAB, Towson Center for Student Diversity, and of course Student Activities for getting Common here to Towson!  The event will be Wednesday February 27th in West Village Commons. Doors open at 6pm for students; show starts at 7pm.

Enjoy your winter breaks, y’all!!!

Mike T.

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