Hurry up Holidays!

merry christmasWay to go, Towson! You’ve got me even more excited for the holidays than I already was which means….more motivation to study and get these finals over with! The TU Holiday event in Susquehanna and Susquehanna Terrace was an amazing way to kick off the holiday excitement. There was some serious stuff, a lot of tasty stuff, and so much fun stuff to do!

The event started off with a few speakers talking about all of the different holidays from all different faiths. When I arrived, the excitement was already blossoming as Sam, who is in charge of Hillel (the group who put on “Jammin’ in Jerusalem”), was singing the prayer for lighting Chanukah candles at the top of his lungs. This tune was familiar to me because I celebrate Chanukah. I loved feeling like I was already at home celebrating with my family, but I was ready to hear some new things about other holidays that people celebrate.

My wish was granted! The next speaker was someone who is Buddhist. He explained that the major holiday for Buddhists, Vasek, is around April and May when there is a full moon. He said that during the holiday, they celebrate the birth and death of enlightenment and Buddha and it is a very holy day. For example, Buddhists fast for a certain amount of time and don’t sit in luxurious places. This holiday sounded so peaceful, it’s a shame it doesn’t take place around the same time as the others! If it did, there would be a lot of calmness to counteract crazy shoppers and excitement during the holiday season.

The next speaker was a woman who talked about the Muslim holiday, Eid. She recalled how she used to walk to the mosque with her family to celebrate this holiday. Eid is considered the holiday of sacrifice. It celebrates Abraham’s trials. Many Muslims atone for their sins during this holiday.eid

After this speaker, my friends and I decided to get in line for some hot chocolate and cookies that we could have while we watched. When we got to the goodies, we were happily surprised! There was whipped cream and marshmallows to put on top of the hot chocolate. There were huge gingerbread cookies and cookies the shape of stars and Christmas trees. There was even every different color icing you can think of to put on top of your cookie. I spread a bunch of pink icing on mine and headed back to my spot to hear the rest of the speakers’ cool stories and explanations.

menorah<One topic that I thought was interesting was how atheists celebrate the holidays. Although one of the speakers was raised Jewish and the other was raised Roman Catholic, they celebrate the holidays with their families focusing more on enjoying the time with their friends and family. They also like to pick out the most amazing presents to celebrate the holidays, although they may not share the same beliefs that their families have.

It was so great hearing about other religion’s holidays that I had never heard much about before. It was also awesome having so many people of different religions together to enjoy all holiday celebrations together. When else would I get the chance to celebrate Buddhism, Islam and Christianity if I am Jewish? Shout out to all of the student groups who made this happen and taught us all about you’re cool holidays:
CRU, Veteran’s Group, Religious Studies Forum, Muslim Students’ Association, Hillel, Religious Studies Forum, Secular Student Alliance, Lambda Theta Alpha, Pi Kappa Alpha and Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Also, a big thanks to the sponsering groups: SGA and URG!

When the speakers were done, it was time for more fun and excitement! Everyone moved into Susquehanna for crafts and games.
Susq was a winter wonderland. There were decorations everywhere: streamers, lights, candy canes, and even blow up snowmen. Wouldn’t it be cool if Susq was left like this for the rest of the semester?

There were tables of games like Scategories, Battleship and Would You Rather. My friends and I played Would You Rather for a while, which was so much fun. One thing we had trouble deciding on was if we would rather never have a reflection in the mirror or never show up in pictures. What would you guys choose? Comment on this post and let me know!

Sophomore Amanda Shoemaker just got to the party and was already having so much fun!
“I think I really like how Towson is trying to put on so many activities,” she said. “I also like how it brought everyone together.”

There were so many activities to do, that I didn’t know which ones to pick! Some students were making paper doll elves. There was also ornament making and mug painting. In the room connected to Susq, there was some holiday Bingo going on, and some awesome prizes. I saw some of you guys winning cool red t-shirts. Show them off before break to show everyone that you’re a Bingo champ!

A gingerbread house contest started a little later, too. I didn’t get to see what they looked like because I was too involved in all of the other fun stuff, but I’m sure they looked like amazing. Do you guys remember making gingerbread houses in elementary school? I would always try to eat mine before it was even created.
Guess who else came to the party? Doc! He was dressed in his Christmas attire and had some pretty cool photo shoots with students. The room was filled with students and everyone was doing something super fun.

Then, the guest of honor arrived! Santa Claus walked in to make our holiday celebration complete. Mrs. Claus came down the middle of Susq next, and they both danced together to Christmas music. What a fun night. I was exhausted. I bet you guys are excited for the next party like I am. SAM will let you know when it is! Until then, head over to Sam’s Facebook to check out the pictures from TU Holiday!!

I think it’s time for me to go study for finals now, but I had a great time with you Tigers last night! See you next time. –Dana Kobilinsky

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