Don’t be so uptight, it’s CARNIVAL NIGHT

Sugary, cotton melted into sticky pink goo on my tongue. Dance music bypassed my ears and traveled to my feet as they moved to the beat. I saw blurs of color as my eyes darted to the different selection of games to play. Where was I, you ask? No other than Carnival Night at Paws that took place on Friday night.

Carnival Night was a great opportunity to have some fun before studying for finals start taking over everyone’s nights. I went there with two of my friends after a quick trip to the mall. Shopping is also a fun way to relieve some stress too…in small doses of course!carnival

Carnival Night was filled with excited students, and as soon as I got there I heard a lot of laughter and music. The games that caught my eye first were a quarterback toss, a baseball toss, and an archery-like game where students shot arrows. There was a lot of talent here, too. Watch out Towson football and baseball!

There were even more games in the far back of the room. There was a game that looked like ski ball, but I’m not really sure how that worked because I didn’t get to check it out. Next time! There was also an old-time favorite of mine—operation! My roommate who came with me is in an anatomy class, so I guess you can say she was studying for her finals at the carnival! Not really, but at least she was having fun. There was also a fishbowl toss, which reminded me of fairs during the summer back at home. Oh, warm weather, I miss you so much!

When people won the games that they were playing, there were some interesting prizes for them to choose from. One of the prizes was a squishy ball. These colorful creations are great for relieving some stress before exams. Just don’t squeeze them too hard! One time, my dad was playing with one of those during a swim team awards ceremony and all of the water squirted out onto another parent sitting in front of him. Talk about embarrassing, so be careful!

There was also a paddle and a ball as a prize, which was not very popular among students. I don’t know why, though. I think if I won anything I would have picked that as a prize so that I could entertain myself during study breaks. There were also some colorful glasses that looked like this:


The most popular prize, though, were different colored Dr. Seuss hats. It looked like almost everyone had one of these! Maybe these hats will start a trend among campus. So if you, readers, see lots of students walking around campus with some pretty cool tall striped hats, you’ll know where the trend started!

Oh, I almost completely forgot to mention the food at the carnival because I was too excited over the games! That cotton candy that I mentioned before was delicious, and has always been one of my favorites. The boy making the cotton candy seemed to be bathing in it, though! He was getting it all over his hair and his face. I hope he didn’t get too sticky.  My friends and I also got some delicious snow cones. There were orange and strawberry ones, and we all decided on the strawberry. Shout-out to the talented student who was making such perfect shaped snow cones, too. That was impressive!snow cone

It also seemed like a lot of the guys out there were taking girls on dates to this Carnival Night. Yes, I saw you! Some boys were taking the opportunity to show the girls with them how to throw a football or how to hold the bow and arrow. How cool would it be to tell your future children that you met your significant other at a TU carnival? I think it would be a pretty interesting story.

Students also got the chance to look in fun mirrors that made them look all distorted and silly. I looked into the mirror, hoping that my head would look bigger as a sign that my brain would hold so much information that I would do awesome on my finals. Wishful thinking. The mirror actually made my legs look like tree trunks and my head the size of an ant.

It was so much fun coming out and seeing so many new faces at this event. I hope all of you enjoyed all of the smells, sites and tastes that a carnival has to offer. What was your favorite part of the event? I can’t decide if mine was the cotton candy or seeing everyone else having so much fun!

What did you guys like about the carnival? What have your favorite events been so far? This one was definitely a lot of fun, but I know Student Activities has a lot more in store for us, Tigers. And also, if any of you have a great idea for an event that you want to put on at Paws, there are openings available. Click on this link for an application and maybe your event will be featured on here next!  Well, bye for now. Happy studying, but remember to take the time to relax with all of the cool events that Towson provides us with! -Dana Kobilinsky

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