Home is where the heart is… or is it?

Hi guys! It’s been a little while since I’ve last blogged, so there’s a lot to catch up on! Last week was a long one, even with the few days off Towson had due to Hurricane Sandy. The effects of the hurricane impacted some around Baltimore, but many of our students are from New York and New Jersey, which received the worst of the storm. Many local businesses and community members are helping to lead relief efforts, but if you’re looking for an on-campus way to help, you can check out our recent blog post.

This week, our nation re-elected President Barack Obama into office for the next four years, in a really close race against Mitt Romney. Maryland voted to support the DREAM, allow same sex marriage, and expand gambling. It was an election that kept me on the edge of my seat- I went through a whole box of Cheez-Its waiting for the results!

Just when you think there’s been enough excitement and you can begin to wind down during the weeks before Thanksgiving, there’s another storm on the way! I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but Winter Storm Athena is set to bring snow to the east coast tonight.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not the biggest fan of winter, especially at school. I would much rather be curled up at home eating my mom’s famous cheddar cheese brownies (they’re the best of both worlds, trust me).

That got me thinking. Although there are some things that I love about being home, living here at Towson also has its perks! I’ve talked to some of my friends here on campus, and we’ve come up with some of the pros and cons of living at home vs. on campus.

First, the most obvious perk to living on campus: Independence. Sure, you love your mom, she’s your support system and loves you (and constantly reminds you of it), but sometimes it’s nice to take a step outside of that nest. When you’re home, she needs to know exactly where you’re going, what you’re doing, and who you’re doing it with. “Are you really wearing that? I thought I taught you better!” When you’re at school, you can do what you want, hang out with whomever you’d like to, and you can wear what you want (which actually might not be the best decision, based on some things I’ve seen).

Speaking of hanging out with anybody that you’d like to, living on campus at Towson makes that extremely easy. Need someone to go out with? Ask your roommate. He’s busy? Ask your friends, who conveniently live across the hall! Need a ride to Walmart? That guy two doors down has a car, and you know he’ll take you if you buy him a pack of Easy Mac. There is no limit to the number of people you can go to the gym with or grab a smoothie with in West Village.

Granted, having constant access to everyone is great, but sometimes you like that alone time. You just pulled an all-nighter studying for that midterm and you’re pretty sure you failed anyway- you really don’t feel like someone coming to your door begging you to take them to Panera. The constant bass thundering up from the dorm below yours gives you a headache, and your roommate just won’t turn the TV off ever. Living in a building with hundreds of other college students is great sometimes, but sometimes you just want to be left alone!

Another thing that seems to be important to most college students is food. I know that seems like an obvious statement, but there’s some serious competition in this one. Going back to my mom’s cheddar brownies, homemade meals just can’t be beat. Yeah, you can get spaghetti and meatballs anywhere, but nobody makes them like your grandma. The plus side to this is, however, when you do head home for the holidays, your family is more likely to make your favorite meals because they’re so happy to have you home. That’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me!

Now, we all agree that it’s pretty hard to beat home cooking, but there’s something else you’re overlooking: all of the glorious options! Yes, all-you-can-eat buffet style may not be your favorite thing, but there are still great options on campus and in the Towson area. Sushi is available in the Union, but if you’re feeling extra fishy you can head uptown for additional (delicious) options. Mexican food, Mediterranean food, Italian food, you name it- you’ve got it. There’s even a 24 hour Subway for those desperate 4 a.m. hunger pangs.

Finally, we’re getting to my favorite reason to live on campus: I never run out of things to do! When I’m home, I frequently spend evening after evening watching tv and making progress on a block of cheddar. Not because there’s nothing to do, but the options are always the same. At Towson, there’s always something different going on! Trivia Nights, Adopt-A-Campus, leadership workshops, concerts, there’s even a comedy show this weekend! And that’s not even mentioning the countless organizations that host events regularly as well!

When it comes down to it, I like living on campus better! Now, I don’t have too many roommates living in the Union, but being the social butterfly (or mouse) that I am, I love the fact that there’s always something going on and no shortage of cheese.

Do you prefer living on campus or at home better? Weigh in on our survey below and let me know!

Is there something that I missed? Let me know either by commenting here, posting on my Facebook or tweeting me (I officially took over the Student Activities Twitter)!

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