This is Halloween!

Halloween is right around the corner, and the Union is abuzz with talk of costumes (or lack thereof). While it seems like a lot of students seem to know what they’ll be dressed as when they go out over the next week, there are still others who haven’t quite figured it out yet.

If you head up York Road in search of costume shops for your Halloween costume, you’ll probably run into a lot of standard ones. Police officers, witches, and princesses seem to be pretty popular year after year. I’ve also seen some good couples costumes in the past too- The Flintstones, jailbirds, even the insurance duo Flo and Mayhem. If you’re trying for something new this year, TV is usually the way to turn. I’ve done a little bit of great mouse detective work (get it?!) and put together a list of some relevant costumes for you to consider this year:

Replacement Ref

The first few weeks of this year’s NFL season were tough ones for diehard football fans. The replacements had far less experience than the regular officials, leading to the ball being awarded to the wrong team or touchdowns being taken away from players that scored them. One good thing came from all of their horrible calls, however: comedy. Internet memes, Twitter accounts, even a skit featured on SNL made the replacement refs the butt of everyone’s jokes. You too, can inspire laughter with your own take on this costume!

Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson

She may be one of the most interesting humans on television that I’ve ever seen! She used to be on TLC’s Toddlers & Tiaras (another popular costume this year), but now she’s featured in her own television show. I’m just a mouse, but I’m pretty sure that her regular diet of “Go Go Juice” (Red Bull and Mountain Dew) and sugar-filled snacks is not at all healthy. But it makes for interesting reality television, and an awesome Halloween costume!

The Avengers
…or even superheroes in general! Superheroes have emerged past the days of comic books and now have their own movies. Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, even Thor… You can save the day by putting together an awesome superhero costume for your party. If you’re looking for something more old-school, you can even borrow my old Mighty Mouse costume- although it probably won’t fit!


You may not have known who he was a few months ago, but Korean pop sensation Psy’s one-hit-wonder Gangnam Style has popped up overnight! He’s taken his song (and dance moves) and visited shows like The Today Show and Saturday Night Live. Gangnam Style is on the radio, playing in bars, I’ve even got it on my iPod shuffle (I can’t own a regular one, they’re too big)! Suit up, dye your hair dark, don some sunglasses, and master those dance moves before the weekend!

Get Political

With the 2012 Presidential Election now less than two weeks away, political costumes are bound to be a hit this Halloween. You can always pick your favorite (or least favorite if you’re looking to make fun) candidate, put on your best suit and patriotic tie, and grab a Romney or Obama mask, but let’s face it, those are kind of creepy. I always wondered why costume stores had “sexy Big Bird” costumes, but this year, it’s actually quite a topical outfit. If you wanted to get really recent, you could be a horse with a bayonet (although you may want to be careful with that one). There’s a lot of material to work with, just do some quick Twitter research!

Hopefully I’ve inspired you to do something great this Halloween! For now, I haven’t had a chance to go out and get a new costume (plus they never have my size anyway), so I’m sticking with a witch hat and some Halloween colors. Keep an eye out for me this weekend though, I’ll be around for Halloweekend. Really, though it’s more of a Halloweek because it’s already started! I painted my first pumpkin yesterday and am going to a haunted house party tomorrow! Everything’s free, so you really should check it out before you head off-campus for your festivities.

What are you planning on being for Halloween? Since I’ll be in the Union for most of the weekend, I won’t get to see everyone’s costumes, so please share your pictures on my Facebook page! I’ll be back next week, but just in case you’re celebrating a little early, Happy Halloween!!

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