8 Debate Topics Towson Students REALLY Care About


As Election Day inches closer and the presidential debates wear on, college students can find themselves bored and confused with the topics at hand. Taxes, foreign policy, energy usage: LAME! In an effort to promote simple-mindedness and bring joy to the election season we compiled a list of 8 (not so serious) debate topics Towson students can really get fired up about.

1. The “Towson” vs. “Towzin” Debate

For years students have argued and taken their respective side on this important school-wide issue: WHAT IS OUR SCHOOL CALLED?! While any language analyst would immediately point out that there is, in fact, no ‘z’ in our school name, Towzin advocates have remained strong to their firm beliefs.

2. The Elevator QuestionImage

Let’s try a math problem:  Steve’s building has 10 floors. Steve lives on the second floor. If it is twenty minutes before a class time, is Steve allowed to ride the elevator? Most traditionalists are saying “NO” and believe that no one below the third floor should even think about using the elevator. Despite these strong feelings by many, low-floor residents continue to cite their equal elevator rights found in section 3B of Towson’s constitution.

3. Cab Price Regulation

Ah, nothing quite like Jimmy’s Cab service, right? Good service taking you to your party destination and-WAIT… 20 dollars?? It’s only two of us and we’re going three miles… Despite our love for Jimmy’s, there is no true method for how much you pay on any given night, and as students of low-income, we feel it is time to set these taxis straight and regulate the prices!

4. Fake Gun Policy

Yeah, yeah, we all know the Second Amendment and understand our right to bear arms, but what does the Constitution say about fake guns? You know, maybe a gun used for theater class. In an incident last year where a theater student carrying a toy gun for class caused a cross-campus shock, students are all wondering what will be done to prevent school violence that could really never happen in the first place.

5. The West Village Struggle

As the year shifts onward the temperatures have begun to drop. West Village students, notorious for their non-remote location in comparison to classes, now must deal with both the cold and the long walk. With these two factors working against them West Villagers are all wondering the same thing: ‘What’s a guy/girl gotta do to get some classes canceled this winter?’

6. Putting the Power back in PowerPoint

Oh the pain and agony that comes with going to class taking your own notes! Old-school theorists believe that taking notes and showing up to class are beneficial to students but many students around Towson are thinking in another direction. They want professors to post their PowerPoint notes on Blackboard so that they do not have to go to class. Many teachers have adapted to this modernist ideal while many are still living in the past, according to some students. While the debate is still on-going all we can say is students want their notes and they want them bad!

7. Our Pizza Representative


What more can we say about everyone’s favorite 2am snack? It’s cheap, tasty, and students don’t have to stray far from campus to get their hands on it. With such a variety of pizza hubs just outside campus, the question remains as to which venue has captured Towson’s heart the most. Is it Pizan’s, Pizza Palace, Papa John’s, or even…. Seasons?

8. The Decibel Penalty

I think all students can agree that there’s no better way to have fun in the dorms than some good ol’ fashioned common room shenanigans. On top of that, I think they can also agree that nothing ruins a good time in the common room quite like quiet hours. We’ve all heard it before: “I hate to be the bad guy but it IS quiet hours everyone.” I know, I know, you weren’t even being that loud and it was only midnight. It makes us students wonder: how quiet is quiet enough? Is a little leniency on our noise level too much to ask for? I mean, it is college.

In all seriousness Tigers, watch the debates, learn the issues and DON’T FORGET TO VOTE November 6. To learn more about voting visit Towson’s Civic Engagement site and check out Political Affairs: http://www.towson.edu/studentaffairs/civicengagement/

It’s been real Towson. But as the great Will Smith once said: “Smell ya later!”


-Mike T.

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