That’s so Towson!

You might imagine that being a mouse living in the Union can be tricky at times. But I’ve become an expert in hiding almost anywhere- people don’t even notice I’m there most of the time. Because of this, I pick up on some pretty interesting conversations while listening to students.

That’s how I managed to come up with “That’s so Towson.” I’ve compiled some of the most talked about topics, and elaborated on them a bit.

Is it too much to ask for these in a size .008?!

It rains (almost) every Tuesday and Thursday.

You have no idea how often I hear people talking about this one. Granted, this week was an exception and we got drenched on a Monday, but I’m thankful that my Tuesday/Thursday class is a hybrid and I can ‘attend’ online. Seriously, for me to attempt to make it across campus when it’s raining would be like you trying to swim across the ocean during a hurricane. Maybe one day someone will take some initiative and begin making mouse-sized umbrellas and rain boots, but until then, I have no chance.

You don’t even bother buying a parking pass if you have class after 11

Now, of course, I can’t relate to the many drivers out there [insert joke about cheese car here]. But I hear that there’s a problem that many people agree on, and it’s called parking. With about 75% of Towson’s student population living off campus, I hear that three garages on the main campus just isn’t cutting it. Thank goodness there’s an extensive shuttle system, or the overflow parking lot…

You walk a mile- uphill both ways to get anywhere

Banana Berry with a boost of cheese, please!

So once you’ve scored your parking space in overflow (which could be West Village or worse- Towson Center), you’ll want to have a few things prepared for your trek to Stephens Hall. Water, climbing shoes, perhaps a makeshift cot, grab a Jamba Juice with an energy boost while you’re at it… Your voyage will be long and trying (both mentally and physically). How could it get any worse? You could be the size of a mouse!

You need an interactive map to navigate the CLA

“I’m in college now, I know everything,” is a phrase that I can admit to living by pretty regularly. That all goes out the window when I have to find my Spanish class in the CLA. It might as well be a Hogwarts with the moving staircases, because things never seem to be quite where you want them to be. So how do you make students feel even better about not knowing where anything is? Give them a shiny new interactive touchscreen map to help them out. Too bad I’m far too short to reach them. Speaking of the CLA…

Your cellphone regularly drops calls

…or doesn’t receive text messages. And it’s really not just the CLA, it just happens to be the worst offender. Students have missed lunch with friends, hilarious pictures of people on campus, and even emergency alert messages because of the lack of service all over campus. I don’t have a phone (again, nobody’s thought to make them mouse-sized), but I hear complaints about this one all of the time!

You have a picture of yourself on one of the tigers

Honestly, I don’t see the draw of this one, those things are big and scary. Maybe one day I’ll overcome my fear of giant, toothy cats, but until then I’ll just trust everyone’s judgment that this is a cool thing to do.

You base your afternoon schedule off of Ptux’s hours

Is Ptux seriously as good as this?

I hear students talking about Ptux like it’s the Cracker Barrel of sharp cheddar cheese. I really don’t know what’s in there that humans love so much, I can never get past the line that spans the length of the dining room. Thank goodness I bring lunch to school with me, I may be a mouse, but I have the patience of a dog that’s just heard the word “treat.”

Hopefully my impressions of Towson are fairly accurate. I try to be as informed as possible, which can be fairly difficult for someone so little. There are so many things to do and so many things to see that I probably missed some things along the way. What do you find particularly original about being a Towson student? Do you have a picture of yourself on one of those ferocious tigers? Let me know what you find interesting and maybe I’ll blog about it- I’m sure there’s something I’ve overlooked!

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