Thrilled for Thursday Night Trivia

So, have you guys ever been on a cruise ship? I mean one of those big ones, with all of the entertainment in a huge theater. Well, this is what it felt like at Paws on Thursday!  There was an announcer speaking into a microphone and tables filled up with people sitting around them, excited to start the event.

 The event was Thursday Night Trivia! Teams were made up of up to five members who each made a team name and worked together to come up with answers to trivia questions. Although I didn’t join a team, I played from the sidelines with a few other people. I never missed my brother so much at a time like this. He watches jeopardy regularly and knows almost every answer. I guess I was on my own tonight. And there was a lot of pressure on me because Sam wasn’t able to play. I think I might have seen his head pop out of the answer bucket a few times, though.                        

Trivia night had already started when a whole crowd showed up. I guess everyone was a little slow today, but hopefully not with finding the answers to the trivia questions!

The announcer said that some prizes were going to include tickets to the Recher Theater and some t-shirts. Ugh! I wish I would’ve signed up to play. I’m crazy about free t-shirts. And they orange and yellow-ness were so bright! Next time, I guess. And anyways, this campus is always full of free t-shirts. One of my favorite things about Towson!

The man behind the computer sitting next to the announcer turned the jeopardy theme song on.  Once again, I hoped my brother would show up even though he’s all the way in Salisbury.

The first categories of questions included famous cars, loose lips and mascots. One of my friends who came with me loves cars. We were definitely starting off on the right foot. But soon, questions started getting harder and teams started getting more competitive! Some people were so excited they couldn’t even get their answer papers into the bucket.

Here were a few trivia questions that I thought were pretty interesting:

  1. What product is Rich Uncle Penny Bags the mascot for?
  2. What is the pet dog’s name in Full House?
  3. Who is the designer who bought Ed Hardy?

The answers to these questions will be at the end of this blog post so keep reading!

The announcer asked some pretty creative questions, too. He played sound clips from movies and we had to guess what movies they were from. One of the clips was from When Harry Met Sally. I remember watching that movie with my roommate last year when we were supposed to be studying for finals. Yeah, it was worth it though.

Trivia night was full of music and dancing in between questions. There was cheering and laughter when people got questions right. Once, I went to California and watched the taping of jeopardy, and this was even more exciting than that!

During half-time, teams played “name that logo.” Also, during half-time four representatives from four teams got on the stage to show their swing and home run, because they were in the lead.  Four people lined up to get ready to hit their homer. The winner was a member of The Furry Men’s team, who did the worm all the way to home plate.

Trivia Night was super fun and I even ended up getting some questions right! I’m looking for people to start a team for next week, so leave a comment at the bottom of this blog if you guys are interested! I was thinking of calling us “Sam’s Mousketeers.” What do you guys think?

Anyways, here are the answers to those questions from before!

  1. Monopoly. How many of you guy have actually lasted through a whole game?
  2. Comet. The announcer said he was also the dog in Airbud! And he died in 1998 of Lung Cancer. Guess he was smoking too much on the set in Hollywood.
  3. Christian Audigier. Yeah, I can’t pronounce that last name either.

 Trivia Night is every Thursday night, so if you guys missed this past one don’t stress. I hope to see a lot of you there next time. Maybe there will even be more mouse questions that Sam can sneak in and help us with…if he doesn’t get distracted by the delicious Paws food crumbs again. -Dana Kobilinsky

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